Friday, November 2, 2007

Success At NCAR Super Science Saturday!

It has been a while for me since my last blog! Well, this past Saturday 7 News was a part of NCAR Super Science Saturday. We were able to set up the 24/7 weather experience. The 24/7 weather experience is pretty darn cool! It is a green screen with a camera set up in front. People are then able to stand in front of the green screen and read Que cards that pertain to the movie clip that is played on the green screen.

The 24/7 weather experience is perfect for kids! They have so much fun trying to be like Mike, and all the other meteorologists at 7 News. NCAR Super Science Saturday is the perfect place to take the weather experience because it is a day filled with nothing but science for little kids. There are many different science stations set up where kids can participate and learn all sorts of new things! The kids had so much fun! We saw a huge turn out, I would say more than last year!

This year, NCAR was nice enough to allow our student chapter of AMS to bring our tornado model. This tornado model was built in order to bring it to schools and show kids how it works. We have also developed a curriculum to teach kids about weather safety. We were able to bring the model to see how kids would respond to it. They loved it! All of them were sticking their hands in their, we even had a few try to climb in it!

For all of those who missed NCAR Super Science Saturday, AMS will be bringing the tornado model to the Wild Weather Seminar on the 13th of November. This will be a great event, full of amazing speakers, and of course Mike Nelson! You will have to the chance to meet Mike and all of the meteorologists at the seminar! The 24/7 weather experience will also be there, so come on down for a great night filled with weather and its phenomena!

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