Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wild Western Weather Seminar

Tuesday night's seminar was a huge success! With speakers like State climatologist Nolan Doesken and Nobel Prize winning Dr. Kevin Trenberth, attendees were treated to a wonderful night of weather discussion. It was a great turn out with about 300 people packed into the IMAX theater. Guests came from all over the state to hear the lastest on global climate change, Greg Roth talking about avalanche control, and Tom Schlatter on increasingly mild Colorado winters. Other speakers, like Tim Samaras and John Fielder gave a unique perspective through their pictures and videos. Breathtaking shots of slow motion lightning and the mountain landscapes of Colorado give reason to take action against global climate change.

I was very fortunate to talk to some of the attendees and hear their unique Colorado weather stories. Veterans, former radio personalities, hobbyists young and old all brought their own unique perspective. A few brave souls made their way into the 24/7 weather experience to try their hand at weather forecasting! I learned so much about Colorado's climate and had an all around great time! Thanks to all of the speakers, attendees, and especially Mike Nelson for putting on such a wonderful event.

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