Sunday, September 30, 2007

One Awsome September!!!

Hello everybody!!!

It has been a great September. We have seen a little bit of every type of weather in this state. We have had hot temperatures, cold temperatures, severe weather and snow!!! What else could a meteorologist ask for? I have been haveing just a wonderfull time here. Not only do i get to come down and do weather forecasting on Sundays, I get to watch the Broncos football games and Rockies baseball games. Of course I am working hard to make sure my forecast is as accurate as it can be ;)

It has been a really busy month for me. School along with all the difficult homework is in full swing as the semester is flying by quickly. In just a few weeks it would be time for mid-terms...YIKES! As Kim has mentioned, we are involved in a national forecasting challenge which makes the semester even better. I really enjoy this competition becasue it challenges me to try to forecast weather accurately without knowing much about the area we are forecasting for. Fortunatly, I have a tool that nobody has; well except for Kim. Kim and I have the pleasure of working and learning from the best weather team ever, allowing us to learn more techniques in weather forecasting.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Is Here to Stay

Hello everyone!

Well as we all have seen in the past few days, Fall is definitely here! Chilly temperatures to start the week off, and then a nice warm up that will last the whole week. Fall like temperatures expected, what more could you ask of this season?

I love the temperatures this time of year. Not too hot and not too cold, but that will change sooner then we think! We have already seen snow fall in the high country; very exciting for those who love to ski. I have truly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful Fall pictures viewers have been sending in! Some of them have been unbelievable! Almost unreal! Keep sending them in, please!

With the onset of Fall, comes the beginning of the WxChallenge! The WxChallenge is a forecasting contest UNC meteorologist students participate in. It is a lot of fun and UNC does very well in the contest. The University of Oklahoma hosts the contest. Chris and I are both participating. Good luck Chris! For the rest of the school year we will be forecasting for a given location for a two week period. Our first location for the first two weeks is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. I am praying that there are no hurricanes! We are required to forecast 4 days a week. We have to forecast the high, low, the greatest wind speed reached, and the total amount of liquid precipitation. When snow fall comes, forecasting liquid precip. gets pretty tricky!

With Mike teaching me more and more about forecasting, I am feeling pretty good about this years round of WxChallenge! I have learned so much from Mike so far, and I am not even half way through the semester!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

Hello everyone!!! Chris here with another blog. So far the best part of this school semester has been this wonderful internship. I have come so far and learned so much in such a short time, and I have the staff here at channel 7 to thank for it.

While I have been here i have been allowed to practice on the chromakey everyday. Recently, Richard Ortner let me record the 24/7 weather hotline. That was a fun and interesting experience. Who ever thought that talking to a voicemail would be so difficult? However, it was a great experience because i was able to work on making a forecast on the fly and speaking clearly.I have also had the pleasure of making maps that go on the weather segment during the show.

On weather, it's been wonderfull here in beautiful Colorado. As fall temperatures slowly make their way into Colorado, snow can sometimes be seen on the tops of the Rocky Mountains in the morning. Although its only September, that snow on those distant peaks reminds me that fall and winter ( my favorite Season) are well on there way!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Lovely Lisa Hidalgo

Hello everyone!

Last week Mike was on vacation, so I was working with Richard all of last week. He is so funny and such a blast to work with! Today, the beautiful and lovely Lisa Hidalgo was the meteorologist. It was the first time I have ever worked with Lisa. She is fabulous! She is so nice! I have officially met all the meteorologists now.

I was able to practice in front of the chroma key today while Lisa watched. She gave me some great pointers! It is nice getting advice and pointers from a woman meteorologist. Today she really helped me with my movement while I was on screen. She gave me good advice on how to casually point out certain aspects on the graphics. I was really happy that she stayed and helped me! Thanks Lisa, you helped a lot.

It was also the one of the first times I was able to watch Lisa do a forecast. She is great! She is so relaxed and knowledgeable. Every meteorologist does things differently at 7 News and it is very interesting to see just how different they do things. It does not seem that way when they are on the air. I can not wait to work with Lisa again!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mornings at Channel 7

Goooooooooooooood Morning everyone!!! Chris here with yet another blog. This week has been quite the experience. I began working with Scott Mace in the 24/7 Weather Center on Tuesdays and Thursday. I've found that the morning crew down at the station is just as fun to be around as the evening crew. I know that since I am working with the best group of people I am getting the best knowledge an intern can have.

Mornings at the station are really different. Their is usually not much weather to talk about, well at least not now, but come winter i am sure it will be really exciting. Scott has begun to show me how to build maps for the show witch will allow me to learn even more. My practice on the chromakey is getting better and better everytime I practice. I still stumble here and there but practice makes perfect.