Sunday, September 30, 2007

One Awsome September!!!

Hello everybody!!!

It has been a great September. We have seen a little bit of every type of weather in this state. We have had hot temperatures, cold temperatures, severe weather and snow!!! What else could a meteorologist ask for? I have been haveing just a wonderfull time here. Not only do i get to come down and do weather forecasting on Sundays, I get to watch the Broncos football games and Rockies baseball games. Of course I am working hard to make sure my forecast is as accurate as it can be ;)

It has been a really busy month for me. School along with all the difficult homework is in full swing as the semester is flying by quickly. In just a few weeks it would be time for mid-terms...YIKES! As Kim has mentioned, we are involved in a national forecasting challenge which makes the semester even better. I really enjoy this competition becasue it challenges me to try to forecast weather accurately without knowing much about the area we are forecasting for. Fortunatly, I have a tool that nobody has; well except for Kim. Kim and I have the pleasure of working and learning from the best weather team ever, allowing us to learn more techniques in weather forecasting.

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