Monday, October 8, 2007

Live From Coors Field


Fall is here in full swing. We received 12 inches of snow above 12, 000 feet over the weekend! We had freezing temperatures here in Denver and some windy weather to accompany it! Not to mention baseball, GO ROCKIES! Rockies are doing very well in the playoffs, and to help show the support from 7News Mike went live from Coors Field on Friday.

Friday I had a blast! I had to stay in the weather center and help Mike give the forecast on the air. Because Mike was not in the weather center he was unable to control his graphics from Coors Field. For each of his 4 forecasts I had to change the graphics accordingly. We had 3 forecasts for the 4 PM newscast and 1 for the 5 PM newscast.

I felt official and everything while doing it! They had to give me an earpiece so that I could hear what Mike was saying during his forecast, and I would change the graphics depending on what Mike was discussing at the moment. I was so nervous. I think I was more nervous doing this than practicing in front of Mike on the chroma key! I was so worried that I would change a graphic too fast or slow, and mess up the whole forecast! Every thing went great, and I had a blast while doing it!

With winter just around the corner, I am not sure how many more forecasts Mike will do live from a location. I am hoping at least one more!

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Tony Laubach said...

I was wondering how that went down! You did a very good job!