Monday, October 15, 2007

Get Used to the Snow

Hi everyone!

Snow is here to stay! We are all going to have to get used to hearing about and seeing snow! Snow is appearing in our forecasts on a weekly basis now, and we all know what that means....winter is right around the corner. I am not ready for it at all! Since I am commuting from Greeley, I am a little nervous about the roads when the snow does finally come to Denver.

The weekend cold front brought with it lots of snow for the high country. Breckenridge saw 12-18 inches of snow, just this weekend! That is great news for all the skiers and snowboarders. Ski resorts are going to start opening right and left! Loveland opens for the first day tomorrow, and A Basin is already open and seeing plenty of skiers.

With more and more snow, means forecasting gets that much more difficult! Every day that Chris and I are at the station we have to complete "tailoring." This is a program where temperatures are entered manually for 8 different times throughout a 24 hour period. We also have to tailor snow amounts, and that is when it gets difficult! We complete tailoring because it makes our forecasts more accurate and viewers are then able to go onto and view what the temperatures will be at different times during the day. The 7News weather center is the only one that completes tailoring out of all the stations!!!! Mike will have to show me the tricks to forecasting snow amounts because it is one of the toughest elements of weather to forecast!

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