Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wildfire Update

Hey there, Chris Here with an update on the fires down in California. My family is safe and have been since the fires started. It looks like my family was very fortunate, word is that our house is safe and was not damaged in any way. Even though they are not allowed back in to Ramona at this time. The image to the right shows what were mandatory evacuation areas(purple), areas that have been burned (peach), and the areas where people have been allowed back in to there homes (green). The red dots indicate areas where the fires are currently burning . A box is drawn around the area that is shown in the image below.

This image highlights just how much of my town was damaged by the fire. the location of my house is shown by the blue dot. The yellow lines show the current road closures in the area. As you can see, most of the roads in and out of Ramona are closed.

Even though my family and I have been very fortunate to have not lost our home, many close friends have lost everything. I know for a fact that the many communities affected by these fires will rebound and rebuild becoming stronger then ever.

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