Friday, November 23, 2007

What a Wild Semester!!!

Hey everyone, Chris here with another blog. When I first began this internship in late July I would have never imagined what i would be doing. I have been very fortunate to have this internship. I have seen severe thunderstorms and wild winter weather. I am also very happy to say that Mike Nelson has welcomed me back for the spring semester. Yay!!!

I know that I am very lucky! Not many college interns can say they had interned for a wonderful place like channel 7 for almost a year. I have learned so much from working here over the past few months and I will continue to learn for the next 6 months as well.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have been very thankful becasue my family has traveled to visit me for the holiday. On Friday I brought them in for a tour of the studio. They have never seen news done live from in the studio and I think they really enjoyed it. We were able to get a family photo up on the news desk and had it air on tv, they were pretty excited.

Our First Snow

Hello everyone,

Well, Greeley actually got snow! I did not think that we ever would. I am quite sure that Greeley lives underneath a bubble, preventing us from getting any precipitation. At least while I am there! With this storm that passed through the state on Wednesday I saw about 2 1/2 inches of snow at my house. Most of the northeastern plains received more snow than Denver! That is also a rarity. Denver saw anywhere between 1-2 inches. The mountains recieved some snow, adding to the much needed snow for the ski resorts. We saw some flurries today, but other then that just frigid cold temperatures. Lows could drop to the single digits if clear skies will allow for it! Take gloves, hats, and coats when heading outside!

It was a nice change, even though I am not the biggest fan of cold weather and snow, it was a very nice change. The first snow is always the best, and this was no exception. We may see another round of snow come the middle of next week; Wednesday or so at this point. We are not sure how much we will see, but models right now are telling us we will see just about the same as we did this past Wednesday.

The semester is winding down. The Travel Forecast Line last week was a huge success! We had twice as many calls as we did last year. We are going to hold the same event come Christmas time, so be looking for a date and any other information concerning the Christmas Travel Forecast Line! Once again we will have the aspiring meteorologists from UNC and from Metro manning the phones to give our callers a custom forecast. The UNC Personalized Forecast Service is going strong! We have been receiving 4 times as many emails then we usual do! It is great. We have even been recognized by the UNC Dean of Students, the Dean of National Honor Society, and the Greeley Tribune for our awesome forecast service! We have never been busier.

Feel free to email us with any of your forecast needs. The email address is posted on the and there is a short article giving a great description of what we do! I hope that all was well for everyone's Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Need a Forecast for Your Holiday Travels?

Hello everyone,

It has been quite a long time since my last blog. Life has gotten so crazy with Thanksgiving break next week, and teachers assigning everything imaginable before we are given 5 days off for the holiday.

For all of those who are planning on traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, 7News will have you covered! We have arranged for aspiring meteorologists from both Metro and from UNC to be in the call center on Monday the 19th from 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in order to give you a forecast for where ever you are traveling and whenever you are traveling. All you have to do is make a call to the 24/7 call center and give the meteorologist you destination, how long, and when you will be traveling, and you will be given an accurate forecast. Professors from both schools will be present as well!

Also, to help with any forecasting needs, UNC would like to announce our personalized forecasting service. At UNC we have put together an email service where people who wish to receive a forecast can write an email, and our teams will get back to you. The email address is All you have to do is send an email to that address with your name, forecast location, time period, and your email address. We have 3 teams that are ready for your forecast. If you need a extended forecast, we will send you an initial forecast, and then send you an updated forecast a few days later. Please feel free to use our service to help with any holiday travel!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wild Western Weather Seminar

Tuesday night's seminar was a huge success! With speakers like State climatologist Nolan Doesken and Nobel Prize winning Dr. Kevin Trenberth, attendees were treated to a wonderful night of weather discussion. It was a great turn out with about 300 people packed into the IMAX theater. Guests came from all over the state to hear the lastest on global climate change, Greg Roth talking about avalanche control, and Tom Schlatter on increasingly mild Colorado winters. Other speakers, like Tim Samaras and John Fielder gave a unique perspective through their pictures and videos. Breathtaking shots of slow motion lightning and the mountain landscapes of Colorado give reason to take action against global climate change.

I was very fortunate to talk to some of the attendees and hear their unique Colorado weather stories. Veterans, former radio personalities, hobbyists young and old all brought their own unique perspective. A few brave souls made their way into the 24/7 weather experience to try their hand at weather forecasting! I learned so much about Colorado's climate and had an all around great time! Thanks to all of the speakers, attendees, and especially Mike Nelson for putting on such a wonderful event.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Success At NCAR Super Science Saturday!

It has been a while for me since my last blog! Well, this past Saturday 7 News was a part of NCAR Super Science Saturday. We were able to set up the 24/7 weather experience. The 24/7 weather experience is pretty darn cool! It is a green screen with a camera set up in front. People are then able to stand in front of the green screen and read Que cards that pertain to the movie clip that is played on the green screen.

The 24/7 weather experience is perfect for kids! They have so much fun trying to be like Mike, and all the other meteorologists at 7 News. NCAR Super Science Saturday is the perfect place to take the weather experience because it is a day filled with nothing but science for little kids. There are many different science stations set up where kids can participate and learn all sorts of new things! The kids had so much fun! We saw a huge turn out, I would say more than last year!

This year, NCAR was nice enough to allow our student chapter of AMS to bring our tornado model. This tornado model was built in order to bring it to schools and show kids how it works. We have also developed a curriculum to teach kids about weather safety. We were able to bring the model to see how kids would respond to it. They loved it! All of them were sticking their hands in their, we even had a few try to climb in it!

For all of those who missed NCAR Super Science Saturday, AMS will be bringing the tornado model to the Wild Weather Seminar on the 13th of November. This will be a great event, full of amazing speakers, and of course Mike Nelson! You will have to the chance to meet Mike and all of the meteorologists at the seminar! The 24/7 weather experience will also be there, so come on down for a great night filled with weather and its phenomena!