Friday, November 23, 2007

Our First Snow

Hello everyone,

Well, Greeley actually got snow! I did not think that we ever would. I am quite sure that Greeley lives underneath a bubble, preventing us from getting any precipitation. At least while I am there! With this storm that passed through the state on Wednesday I saw about 2 1/2 inches of snow at my house. Most of the northeastern plains received more snow than Denver! That is also a rarity. Denver saw anywhere between 1-2 inches. The mountains recieved some snow, adding to the much needed snow for the ski resorts. We saw some flurries today, but other then that just frigid cold temperatures. Lows could drop to the single digits if clear skies will allow for it! Take gloves, hats, and coats when heading outside!

It was a nice change, even though I am not the biggest fan of cold weather and snow, it was a very nice change. The first snow is always the best, and this was no exception. We may see another round of snow come the middle of next week; Wednesday or so at this point. We are not sure how much we will see, but models right now are telling us we will see just about the same as we did this past Wednesday.

The semester is winding down. The Travel Forecast Line last week was a huge success! We had twice as many calls as we did last year. We are going to hold the same event come Christmas time, so be looking for a date and any other information concerning the Christmas Travel Forecast Line! Once again we will have the aspiring meteorologists from UNC and from Metro manning the phones to give our callers a custom forecast. The UNC Personalized Forecast Service is going strong! We have been receiving 4 times as many emails then we usual do! It is great. We have even been recognized by the UNC Dean of Students, the Dean of National Honor Society, and the Greeley Tribune for our awesome forecast service! We have never been busier.

Feel free to email us with any of your forecast needs. The email address is posted on the and there is a short article giving a great description of what we do! I hope that all was well for everyone's Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!

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