Monday, September 10, 2007

The Lovely Lisa Hidalgo

Hello everyone!

Last week Mike was on vacation, so I was working with Richard all of last week. He is so funny and such a blast to work with! Today, the beautiful and lovely Lisa Hidalgo was the meteorologist. It was the first time I have ever worked with Lisa. She is fabulous! She is so nice! I have officially met all the meteorologists now.

I was able to practice in front of the chroma key today while Lisa watched. She gave me some great pointers! It is nice getting advice and pointers from a woman meteorologist. Today she really helped me with my movement while I was on screen. She gave me good advice on how to casually point out certain aspects on the graphics. I was really happy that she stayed and helped me! Thanks Lisa, you helped a lot.

It was also the one of the first times I was able to watch Lisa do a forecast. She is great! She is so relaxed and knowledgeable. Every meteorologist does things differently at 7 News and it is very interesting to see just how different they do things. It does not seem that way when they are on the air. I can not wait to work with Lisa again!

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