Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Funnel Cloud in Denver Area

Today was another busy day in the weather center. On the drive down to Denver I could see from the clouds it was going to be a very active day in terms of the weather. The entire way down from Greeley, I was observing low lying clouds that were slowly building. When I arrived at the station, there was a huge building cumulous cloud directly over the station. Of course, I whipped out my camera phone and took several pictures!

When I went inside to the weather center, I could see from the radar that thunderstorms were already developing just south of Denver and west of I-25. A few warnings were issued 10 minutes after I arrived.

With the month of August and September, comes less and less chances for thunderstorms and tornadoes. Today was an exception to that general weather pattern. We received a call that a funnel cloud had been spotted in the Denver metro area. Mike sent out air tracker to see if we could get any pictures our selves, but had no luck. Luckily we had a few viewers who were able to snap a few pictures of the funnel before it dissipated.

The funnel cloud was spotted around 3:30 PM at 104th Avenue and Federal in Westminster. The funnel cloud dissipated soon after, but the pictures taken were awesome. I was so excited when I got that call that there was a funnel cloud sighting.

To top the day off, I was able to get some help from the beautiful and lovely Anne Trujillo, with my practice session in front of the chroma key. It was so helpful getting advice from a woman in the business who has been an anchor for years. She gave me awesome suggestions on how to improve. Another great day here at 7 News!

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