Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not More School!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, Chris here with another blog. It is that time of year. My final year at UNC will begin on Monday. I am excited and yet not... so... excit...ed. I am excited that i will be increasing my knowledge of meteorology but not so excited about the homework that is sure to come. My biggest challenge of all is coming this semester. I will have to juggle level 400 classes with work and this awsome internship, but I know I will be able to manage everything ok.

I am also saddened because when school starts my days of working with Mike Nelson will be limited. However, i do have the honor of working with Richard Ortner and Scott Mace. I know I will continue to be in good hands throughout the semester while working with theses two fine Meteorologist.

So far my experience here at channel 7 has been the best experience ever! I still make a few mistakes here and there, but hey, i'm only an intern. I am gradually getting better on "the wall" where i practice my on-air skills. I have found out that whether their is nobody watching or 20 people watching, it always makes me nervous. However, I continue to find myself constantly improving. This proves that practice makes perfect and there is no where else I would rather do it.