Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Wild Start for Spring!!

Weather has made it a wild start to the Spring season. Although it has been a mild start to spring for us, it has been a much different story for those in the Midwest. A massive storm that could have brought heavy snow to the Denver area missed us by a couple hundred miles. When it move further eastward it began to stall out and mix with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This allowed for some areas in the mid west to pick up over 3 inches of rain!!! The heavy rain caused flooding which is still plaguing the area today. To make matters worse, areas to the north are picking up record snowfall which will begin to melt over the next couple days only to create more flooding in the flood stricken areas.

As spring has begun, so has "senioritis", well at least for me. I am graduating in May and I am very excited. Recently I have been sending out several resumes across the country only hoping to land a job as a Meteorologist for a T.V. Station. I am very confident that I will succeed, not because I am cocky, but because I feel that the weather team here at channel 7 have prepared me to become a successful meteorologist. So, wish me luck on my carreer and hopefully you will see me on the tube!!!

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