Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Clock's Ticking!!!!!!

Hey all, Chris here with another blog. It has been a crazy, wonderful, and even a stressful month...in a good way. I am graduating in less than 1 month, wow less than a month. For the past 3 months I have been sending out several resumes to several different stations across the country, I have my fingers crossed that I will land a job somewhere in this difficult profession. I am also in the middle of planning my wedding with my beautiful fiance Krista. All this makes it an exciting time in my life.

As my journey here at 7 news slowly comes to an end, I know that I have been very lucky to work with such a fine group of meteorologist. The 24/7 Weather crew have provided me with a great education and understanding of being a broadcast meteorologist. So thank you Mike, Richard, Scott, and Lisa!!! Because of their help I am confident that I will succeed somewhere down the road as a broadcast meteorologist.

Okay, enough of this emotional blah....Lets talk about weather!!!!!!
You can't deny that the warm temperatures we saw the past couple days have been welcomed by many...except for me. I am all about snow, but I have severe weather to look forward to this spring!!! After what was a summer like day today, will turn to a winter like day tomorrow as cold, rain, and snow return to the metro area. Don't expect to much though as it appears accumulations will be light. But, warm spring like weather will return for a beautiful weekend!!!!

Thanks for reading, i'll be back soon.

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