Monday, December 3, 2007

The Start of The Last Week

Hello everyone!

Well, this week is officially my last week before Christmas break. I will be back for the next semester, but only for one day a week. You will now see me in the background on Thursdays for Mike Nelson's forecast! I feel very fortunate that I was able to work my schedule so that I would be able to come in at least once a week. Before my schedule was finalized I was afraid that I was not even going to be able to come back at all!

I have learned so much since I first started in July. Mike is an amazing meteorologist, and you learn so much from just watching him! The chroma key no longer intimidates me! I love getting in front of the green screen and rocking out a forecast! I can now make a forecast confidently and with even more knowledge then when I started. I feel honored to have met Cindy and Mike, and all the other meteorologists. Cindy Nelson is such a sweetheart. She, just like her husband, is such a genuine person with such a big heart. They are wonderful people! Lisa is such an inspiration being a female meteorologist. Dr. Richard Ortner is great! He is great at what he does, and he can also teach you so much having taught students himself! Every meteorologist is willing to teach all of us interns, and give us tips on how to improve TV wise. This is a great place to intern, and if anyone has the chance, DO NOT pass it up. Here at 7News you actually are busy from the minute you walk in the door, to the minute you leave the station. The meteorologists will let you do anything that you feel comfortable doing!

Friday will be my last day here at 7News for a good month. I will be taking Christmas break to take some much needed vacation time, and to work and make some money. Hopefully enough to pay off the traffic ticket I was issued today for "following too close." For the first and for probably the only time, I was pulled over going 5 mph UNDER the speed limit! I hope the officer who gave me the ticket reads this and takes pity. He was looking to pull anyone over! And just my luck to start off my Monday, he chose me, and 5 other cars that were all pulled over at the same time. This is my first ticket ever!!! And was pretty bummed when I walked into the station today. SOOO, now I will have to take time off of work (that should be used to pay for this ticket) drive down here, and go to court some time in the next few weeks. Wish me luck!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous holiday and new years! Thank you for all of those at 7News that have helped me grow throughout this internship, and I will see you next year!!!

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