Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Winter!

As the snow continues to fall in the mountains and metro area, it warms my heart to think about all the wonderful things that have happened in the past few months. Like Kim and Chris, I like to take some time during the holiday season for reflection. I could not be more thankful to Mike, Scott, Richard, and Lisa for not only the marvelous opportunity they have given me, but also the constant encouragement and knowledge they pass on. Interning at Channel 7 has been better than I could have ever imagined. It has broadened my meteorological skills and introduced me to a whole new world in broadcasting. There is nothing more exciting than standing infront of the camera at the chroma key and seeing yourself on the set. It's such a rush!

It's going to be a pretty crazy week. The end of the semester snuck up on me! Four finals in four days! However, with all of the snow and amazing winter weather, I'd rather be in the 24/7 weather center forecasting and keeping up with the latest snow totals. I'll just have to practice good time management so I can get everything in.

I will also be taking some time off for the holiday break. Next week, I'll be returning to the suburbs of Chicago for some time with my family. I am thrilled to say that I'll be back next semester as well. Look for me on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings during the 5 and 6 am broadcasts with Scott Mace! Nothing says welcome back like showing up for work at 3:45 am. I love it!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Please, be safe and drive carefully. Especially as the snow piles up throughout the state!

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