Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a Month!!!

Hey everyone, Chris here with another blog. It has been yet another great, yet crazy past couple weeks. School has started, the internship here at 7 News has been great, and the weather has been "fun" as well.

At the end of January I attended the annual American Meteorological Society National Confrence which was held in New Orleans. N0t only did I have a blast visiting New Orleans but I also learned a lot about job opertunities and recent developments in the field of meteorology. Did you know that corporate buisnesses higher meteorologist just so they can recieve accurate forecast so that their product can be delivered on time? Neither did I, until now. After learning so much more about other opertunities in the field of meteorology their is still only one career I have a passion for and that is Broadcast Meteorology.

The past couple weeks I have been working very hard with Mike on my on camera skills. I must say they are coming along nicely :) I have my tape being edited and I hope that my tape is good enough for somebody to say they want me as their broadcast meteorologist. I am currently looking at smaller markets around the area to hopefully begin my career once I graduate from UNC in May.

Oh, and by the way... As of last night I am now engaged to my beautiful girlfriend, now fiance, Krista!!! Wish us the best. I'll talk to you all later...

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