Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Snow for the Mountains!!!

Well, it has been one wild winter!!! What started out to be a dry and snowless winter has certainly made a turn for the best. In November the state was only at 77% of normal snowpack with the mountains being around 50% of normal. Now the state is doing really well with total snowpack at 123%. Silverton is currently reporting over 200 inches of snow, holy cow!!!!! Even though down on the plains we haven't seen all the snow, the mountains are enjoying it all.... So here's my advice..... GO HIT THE SLOPES!!!!!

Even though this winter is turning out to be a great one for us here in Colorado, it has turned out to be a severe winter in the midwest. On Monday January 7th 38 tornadoes were reported from Arkansas to Wisconsin with 7 more tornadoes today. These storms have proved to be fatal as 3 people have been killed from these dangerous storms. Storms this severe are possible during the winter, however it is very rare to see a severe outbreak like this.

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