Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Airtracker 7!!

Today I had the opportunity to spend time with Airtracker 7. I had the chance to not only see the chopper, but also sit in it. It's really neat that the helicopter can actually land on Channel 7. Most of the time the helicopter doesn't come to the station. It takes off from, and is stored at Centennial Airport. They had to drop by the station today because of some technical difficulties in the chopper. I got to meet Jayson Luber who does traffic from Airtracker 7 for the newscasts. He was sharing with me the perks and downfalls of his job. I can't get over the fact that his office is not inside the station or at home but actually inside a helicopter. I've always wanted a job that varies on a daily basis, and I'm pretty sure this takes the cake on that job requirement! Luckily, Tony Laubach was here today to capture this moment on film for me!

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Jeremy said...

Hallie, that is really neat! You should see if you can go up in the air with it sometime and tag along for the ride. That would be pretty cool. Sounds like you are really enjoying your time at Chanel 7.